Running Apache Geode With Docker

In this short article, we will learn about how to run apache geode inside a container. If you don’t know what an apache geode is you should read this.

It is basically an IMDG that is distributed, fault-tolerant(tons of other features) in nature, and allows you to improve your application performance by holding data in memory for fast retrieval.

Basic knowledge of container-run time like docker and geode is required. Ok, so let's gets our hands dirty and proceed further.

  1. It is assumed that you have docker installed on your local. Instructions available here for different OS (Windows, Linux, Mac) if not downloaded already.
  2. Before we proceed further you may want to check geode official instructions for running it inside a container.

Run below command.

docker run -it — rm apachegeode/geode

As you can see we have the gfsh prompt now we can run typical gfsh commands to start locators and servers.

In the next article, we will be trying to put some data to a running docker instance of a geode server using a simple java client.

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